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Individual Format Plaques

Our individual format wall plaques are perfect for the independent inventor looking for an elegant way to display of his or her patent. By adding a corporate logo, these plaques become the core of any recognition program with consistent and timely delivery of ongoing recognition that is personalized and specific.

Our collection of patent plaques is a combination of traditional and custom styles (artwork). Out traditional styles are the First Centennial, Second Centenial, Contemporary and Title Page. We work extensively with our clients to also create custom designs. We can also match any existing designs.

Plaque Styles

First choose a style and size from the four options below. Click an plaque size for a larger view.

Other Options

These are the options available for each of the above choices. These options will be available to choose from after you have one of the choices above.

Plate Options

Satin Gold

Satin Silver

Brushed Gold +$15

Brushed Silver +$15

Board Options

Walnut Finish

Black Marble

Solid Walnut +$10/20

Mahogany +$15/25

Cherry +$15/25

Hickory +$15/25

Rosewood +$15/25

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Plate Image Options


Logo Options

No Logo
Black Logo
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