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Wall Plaques

Wall Plaques

The quality and distinction of our wall plaque collection is unmatched. We use only the finest cuts of wood, from around the world, hand sorted for rich grain and character. Each board is precisely tooled, then stained and finished to perfection. All plaques feature extra heavy gauge metal plates for enduring and lasting elegance. Our state of the art imaging processes guarantee razor sharp inscriptions and images. When adorned with our prestige mount, you will not find a finer quality wall plaque.

Most of our wall plaques come in (4) formats:

  • Individual format is the most typical, featuring a single heavy gauge metal plate with artwork.
  • Corporate format features a second inscription plate for additional personalization.
  • Dual page format features the patent cover next to the patent title page.
  • Multiple patent format display multiple patents on a single plaque.


IndividualThe perfect display for an individual(s) and/or company
CorporateExcellent for presenting a special message to an inventor(s) and/or group
MultipleA great solution for the prolific innovator. Custom design available.
Dual PageLayout shows patent cover page on the left with patent title page on right.
Laser EtchedWe use only the finest, select cuts of wood with deep rich grain for exceptional character
Classic EtchedThe chemical etching process allows us to deeply etch patent information into the surface of a heavy guage magnesium plate.
Shadow BoxAvailable in all walnut with graceful cove edging or walnut frame with colored felt background
Silver DollarA standing tradition between assignee and inventor, a single American dollar transferred all patent rights.
MarquisOur most economical plaque series that are scaled up in beauty, but scaled down in price.
ModernBeveled black glass, black marble laminate with silver plates, to communicate a statement about technological leadership
ForeignCelebrate global patents from any country in the world.
Trademarks You branded your mark. Now Display It!
Trade SecretRecognize the internal innovations, within your company.
Display CaseProtect your IP investment with a elegant display case.
Large LaserExhibit your company’s patent portfolio with a elegant, lobby sized multiple patent wall plaque.
Large CorporateEnhance your corporate lobby or conference room with a stately, impressively-sized plaque.