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Desktop Sculptures

Complementing our historic series of patent wall plaques, these free standing commemorative desktop sculptures offer a preeminent desktop display. Each sculpture features a high-resolution thin metal plate encased and elegantly suspended in optical acrylic. Inventor, patent drawing, issue date and other pertinent information is embedded into a choice of silver or reverse silver metal plate with superb detail.

Desktop Sculpture Style

First choose a Desk Sculpture Style from the six options below. Click an image for a larger view.

Other Options

These are the options available for each of the above choices. These options will be available to choose from after you have one of the choices above.

Plate Image Options


Personalization Plate Options

Custom Text
Black Logo
Color Logo

If you’re looking for a way to increase productivity, these items offer an inexpensive and easy way to do so. If you’d like more information on this topic, including how to plan an effective employee recognition program, please take a look at our free reports.