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Desktop Awards

Desktop Awards Recognizing Patents

Desktop awards are unique and specialized items. They are excellent for open space engineering departments where work cubicles prevail. They allow organizations to celebrate achievements in a subtle and focused manner. With an extended range of interesting and creative items, our desktop awards display collection combines the whimsical with the practical to deliver special recognition that will be valued and appreciated.

desktop awardDesk SculpturesFreestanding desktop display, available in five layout formats
desktop awardTombstonesFreestanding desktop display
Patent EmbedmentsMiniature patent reproduction showcase each patent within a solid block of clear acrylic.
Lightbulb EmbedmentsSeveral sizes to choose from for various stages of awards
Custom EmbedmentsAvailable in stock styles or custom configurations.
3D LaserThink outside the box. Think beyond the cubical. Available in stock styles or custom configurations.
Metal look I-CubesThese cubes have an industrial flair. Showcase 1 to 4 patents.
Lucite I-CubesCrafted from a 3″ square acrylic with lasered patent information and drawings of up to 5 patents.
Crystal and Glass I-CubesLaser-etched cube with beveled edges displaying up to five patents
Wooden I-CubesDisplaying a traditional natural appearance, up to 4 patents with 1 side for presentation and/or logo.
I-Cube BasesDisplay your desktop award with one of our many sylish bases. That can be customized with a personalized inventor plate.
desktop sculpturesGold or Silver Plated on a Solid Walnut Block