Marquis Contemporary  Piano Finish - Best Value

    Marquis Contemporary Piano Finish - Best Value

    Price: $68.00
    MS-3-IA / 8" x 10" /$68.00
    MS-3-IE / 9" x 12" / $78.00
    MS-3-IP / 10.5" x 13" / $88.00

    Available with Rosewood, Black or Walnut Piano finished board.
    Add a prestige mount to really make this up-scaled plaque pop!

    Today's patents feature a more contemporary cover design, as adopted by a special committee in 1984 with the goal of modernizing today 's patents. In a departure from traditional ornamental, personalized covers, this simplified design was nonexclusive. Our contemporary patent wall plaque features today's exact cover design, enhanced with personalization and details from each patent. Personalization includes inventor(s) and/or assignee, main patent drawing, title, dates and first claim or abstract (upon request). Shown As Rosewood Piano Finish, Satin Gold, Standard Image, Prestige Mount, and No Logo
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