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How To Start An Employee Rewards Program

Deciding to start an employee rewards program may seem complex and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Your goal is simply to inspire your employees to help you move the company forward and reward them for their efforts. The way to do this is by identifying your goals, getting your employees behind you, tracking your progress and rewarding success.

You need to start by identifying the areas in which your company needs to improve. This could be anything from reducing the number of employees showing up late to improving output through higher sales numbers or increasing customer satisfaction.

Once you know what needs improvement, set a realistic goal and timeline that can be achieved with the resources you have available. Making an unrealistic goal for your employees will only hurt your cause, so you have to walk a fine line between meaningful improvement and wishful thinking. Take into account the number of people you have at your disposal, how your performance compares with competitors, and a reasonable amount of time to make the change in.

Now you have to look into what will motivate your employees. Get to know their interests and what matters to them in order to determine what you can offer that they will actually want to work harder to get. You also have to think about the relationship between what you’re asking and what you are going to offer as a reward. Then, get your workers excited about the plan. Tell them what you hope to achieve and get them energized about the reward.

After the plan has been announced and goes into effect, you have to track the progress to make sure the plan is on target. This is where you will find out what effect the employee rewards program is having. Is everyone coming to work on time? Are sales projections above what they were at the same time last year? Determine when you will meet the goals that you have set.

Finally, when you have met your goals, celebrate! Now is the time to really amp up your enthusiasm and show how appreciative you are for the hard work and dedication of your employees. When it comes time to hand out the reward, make it an event that gets everyone excited about what has been accomplished.

In the case of a formal award such as a plaque, desktop award or framed award, like the ones offered through U.S. Patent Services, present it at a meeting or awards ceremony that allows everyone involved to see what they have earned. Such lasting forms of rewards stay in the minds of employees and serve as a daily reminder of what they have accomplished.

The right incentive program will inspire your employees to work towards the common goal of earning a reward. Just keep in mind that you have to plan the program to benefit the company and the employees. That way, when a goal is met, everyone wins.

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