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Turns out it is OK to Sing to Grandma Or your toddler, or friends at work, or whoever else you may want to serenade with “Happy Birthday.”  Actually, it probably always was, but we will get to that in a moment. In the federal court decision of Rupa Mara et al v. Warner Chappell Music…Continue Reading »

You don’t have to Search far to find this Invention This week we celebrate one of the most used inventions of the modern era.  If you are reading this, odds are you probably have used this invention to find us.  That’s right, September 4 is the anniversary of the registering of as a domain….Continue Reading »

Paul Allen’s Bold Move To different people, the name Paul Allen may mean different things.  For fans of desktop computing, Allen is probably the lesser-known part of the tandem that founded Microsoft, with Bill Gates obviously being the other.  Although still the owner of perhaps 100 million shares of Microsoft, Allen began to divest himself…Continue Reading »

The Sky’s the Limit for this Patent Or maybe it isn’t.  Actually, Thoth Technology hopes to go further than that while bringing the ideas of science fiction to life. One of the problems that still exists in space travel is its cost, and of that, a large chunk of the cost is devoted to the…Continue Reading »

An Instance where Copying really did Pay off Many, if not most of us, know the story of Thomas Edison:  brilliant American who, through a combination of hard work and ingenuity, either invented or improved upon a plethora of inventions – so many so, in fact, that Edison has nearly 2000 American patents to his…Continue Reading »

Does it Tell you to Shoot Straight, too? As a parent, how often have you had to remind a child about the various aspects that go into the seemingly simple task of going to the bathroom?  Did you remember to flush, did you wash your hands?  With soap?  And on and on.  For a new…Continue Reading »


And some Things We maybe don’t Scream for Earlier in the week, we did a bit on ice cream in all of its wondrous delight.  While working on this, we came across a few things involving ice cream that weren’t quite as much to celebrate.  In honor of them, and because July is National Ice…Continue Reading »

I Scream, You Scream, You Know how it Goes There’s very little that goes better with summer than ice cream, which is why this week we will celebrate all things ice cream as our invention of the week. Ice cream is one of those things that is truly impossible to date.  Not only was it…Continue Reading »

A Belt that Does more than Hold your Pants up Almost as soon as there were cars, there were automobile deaths.  Even before the turn of the century – the 1900s, that is – there were already people dying in automobile accidents, and it is no wonder why.  Early automobiles did not have the safety…Continue Reading »

A Red, White and Blue Weekend, with the Emphasis on Red As a proud American, there is little about the Fourth of July weekend not to like.  Let’s start with the obvious, the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.  Without these, Independence Day wouldn’t quite have the same meaning. After that there are the other…Continue Reading »