Assisting Companies to Recognize and Energize Innovation

About US Patent Services

Simply, US Patent Services’ mission is to help inventors and corporations energize their creativity. We do so by targeting the motivation that people have when they are engaged, excited and involved in their work. We believe people are most creative when they are doing what they love, and love what they are doing. This energy, which supports creativity, is from intrinsic motivation upon which recognition has a proven effect. We help companies use recognition to intrinsically motivate creativity.

US Patent Services

Within the field of innovation recognition, we ourselves are innovators. We have pioneered a unique, heuristic approach to innovation recognition. We’ve written and published definitive articles in the area of recognition and compensation. We’ve created cutting edge internet applications to serve our clients. We’ve even invented (and patented) recognition awards to celebrate innovation. US Patent Services was incorporated in Wisconsin in 1987. We are located in a renovated wool mill building located outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Built in 1870, our building is beautifully perched along side the Milwaukee River in the town of Grafton, WI. We are fortunate to have numerous manufacturing resources in close proximity. Everything from machine shops to cabinet makers giving us the opportunity to serve our customers with vast capabilities.