And some Things We maybe don’t Scream for

Earlier in the week, we did a bit on ice cream in all of its wondrous delight.  While working on this, we came across a few things involving ice cream that weren’t quite as much to celebrate.  In honor of them, and because July is National Ice Cream Month, we’ll take a quick look at a few of them.

First, let’s start with flavors.  The Huffington Post ran a bit ranking the worst ice cream flavors they could think of.  Some of them seem obvious, some are debatable, and some are downright weird and/or disgusting.  So, without further ado, here they are:


  1.  Butter Pecan (pretty debatable since it is the #3 seller in the United States)
  2.  Eggnog (works for me since I find eggnog disgusting to begin with)
  3.  Birthday Blast (ice cream with chunks of cake in it)
  4.  Bacon (proving that not everything is better with bacon)
  5.  Cotton Candy (totally agree, as actual cotton candy ranks up there with eggnog in my book)
  6.  Licorice (ditto)
  7.  Rum raisin (same)
  8.  Garlic (why would you want this?)
  9.  Horseradish (see above)
  10.  Pizza (kind of like bacon)
  11.  Cold Sweat (ice cream made with peppers so hot you need to sign a waiver before purchasing)
  12.  Lobster (unlike peanut butter cups, two great things together don’t always work)
  13.  Bubblegum (never liked that one, even as a kid)
  14.  Viagra (it’s hard to not make a joke about this ice cream that contains both champagne and the purple pill)

So, what is the most popular ice cream out there?  Perhaps this might surprise you, but the answer is good ol’ vanilla, which has about a 30% market share, but results do vary within the United States (at least as far as sales at Baskin Robbins go), as the following map indicates:


Don’t like any of these flavors?  Want to make your own?  Well then, here is an invention for you!  We all know that you can make your own ice cream, but man what a tedious process.  The portable ice cream ball will bring out the fun in making ice cream!  Just fill it with the necessary ingredients and then roll the ball around until the ice cream is ready.  Now making ice cream is simple and fun.  Heck, maybe you can play a game of kickball or volleyball while making your own ice cream goodness.


Once you’ve made the ice cream, you now have to have somewhere to put it.  We all know that bowls work, but cones are more fun.  But they also can be oh so tedious, with the having to constantly spin the cone to make sure that you are licking all sides so as not to drip on those hot summer days.  A guy could practically get carpal tunnel syndrome from doing that!  Don’t worry, folks, the answer to this problem has arrived:  the motorized ice cream cone.

That’s right, now you don’t have to do any of the work.  Just jam your cone in here and it does the spinning for you.  Now even the laziest of people can enjoy that delicious summer treat.  And that should make everyone able to have an enjoyable National Ice Cream Month.

Happy eatings from US Patent Services, where we may not have any ice cream inventions, but we have all kinds of products offering recognition for those who do invent, from mugs, to plaques, to awards, to many more that serve as even better motivators than ice cream for employees or others you wish to recognize for their outstanding service to your organization.