I started U.S. Patent Services almost 24 years ago, believe it or not, because of a motorcycle accident.

It is the result of a very strange series of events starting in 1986 with motorcycle accident that left me with a shattered pelvis. I was in mechanical engineering school at the time at Tulane University in New Orleans. Following my accident and 32 days in traction, I ended up on crutches for close to two months. The crutches were such a hassle that I subsequently designed and constructed a pair of folding, underarm orthopedic crutches for a senior level mechanical engineering design project. The most distinguishing element was a unique telescopic folding hinge design, latter dubbed the OrthoLink.

The crutches were a As we adapted the OrthoLink to other home healthcare devices, we began filing for U.S. Patents, of which I have several. Our U.S. Patents were critical to finding a licensing agreement. We eventually licensed a portion of the crutch design to the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum crutches.

The genesis of U.S. Patent Services begins following the above series of events. Some very good friends of mine had owned a lighting and lampshade company. For my 30 birthday, they gave me a beautiful, Georgian style, federal candle stick style lamp where the panels of the six sided shade were adorned with the drawings from my U.S. Patents. I thought it was such a cool gift that I wanted to start selling them. And that was when I started U.S. Patent Services with just two products, a U.S. Patent Lamp and a U.S. Patent Wall Plaque.

Today, we’ve been around for almost 24 years and we’ve grown to over one hundred unique and specialized items dedicated to recognizing and displaying U.S. patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. All because of a motorcycle accident.