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Welcome to the Employee Recognition Collection from U.S. Patent Services. Here you will find valuable information and ideas to unlock the full potential of employee recognition programs that will reward and inspire your workforce. We offer the most preeminent collection of patent plaques, awards, displays and services that are all specifically focused on the human component of innovation. With our step-by-step heuristic approach, we design employee recognition programs to energize people’s intrinsic motivational behaviors, which are essential for creativity.

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Edison Award
VMWare Blocks
VMWare Block Pyramid
Pixar Patent Display
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employee recognition for strategic innovation

With increasing business opportunities arising overseas, it is important for domestic companies to implement creative employee recognition programs that will build loyalty and camaraderie amongst personnel. Through the use of employee awards, engraved plaques, and striking wall displays, businesses can easily grant their workers awards that will withstand the test of time. U.S. Patent Services recognizes the fact that you deeply value your staff, and we stand by the belief that employee recognition awards are the most innovative way to show your devotion and respect. Furthermore, these employee awards will soon pay for themselves, as they encourage increased productivity and output among your staff.